Bonsai Notes

Your Bonsai World in One App

We are creating the world‘s finest online app to organize, share, track and trade bonsai trees, kusamono, pottery and related items.

Whether you are tracking seasonal work or artistic plans Gambasta will help you stay on top of work schedules, monitor progress, share online and facilitate sales and trades.

Join the Beta!

Gambasta is now in closed beta. Signup below to be invited into the next group of beta participants.

Note: Not all features are available in the beta. We are working hard to get them ready for you!


Organize your collection with as much detail as you need. Gambasta supports organization by names and images all the way up to detailed sets of labels and metadata.

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Share your collection with others. Private collections are also supported and your location is NEVER shared.

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Track stylistic, seasonal and horticulural aspects of your trees. Whether you are tracking pruning, fertilizing or other seasonal work Gambasta has you covered.

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When it comes time to trade or sell your tree to another owner Gambasta has you covered! All of your historical data transfers to the new owner and retained in your history.

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Gambasta is in active development and more is coming!